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Create a project#

A project in Cape should represent one of your data science projects. Within the Cape project, you can add and manage data policies, as well as users associated with the project.

To create a new project, you need to be an admin user.

  1. Run projects create, passing in a lable and description:
    cape projects create "<LABEL>" "<DESCRIPTION>"
  2. When you create a project, you are the only contributor associated with the project. You have the project-owner user role. Add a project-contributor. This user must already exist. Refer to create a user for guidance on creating users.
    cape projects contributors add <CONTRIBUTOR_EMAIL> <LABEL> project-contributor
  3. Now, list the project contributors:
    cape project contributors list <LABEL>
    # Output
    Name                Email
    <YOUR_NAME>         <YOUR_EMAIL>
  4. To change a contributor's role, use the role command. Downgrade the contributor you created in step 3 to project-reader.
    cape roles set --project <LABEL> <CONTRIBUTOR_EMAIL> project-reader