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Suggest a policy change#

Users with the project-contributor or project-owner role types can suggest changes to privacy policy through the CLI. This workflow changes the policy attached to a project.

  1. Create a policy YAML file. This can be a new file, or a copy of an existing policy.
  2. Write the new policy.
  3. Submit the policy for approval:
    cape projects policy create --from-spec <PATH_TO_YOUR_POLICY_FILE> "<TITLE>" "<DESCRIPTION>"
  4. Project owners can review the suggestion:
    # List all suggestions
    cape policy list-suggestions <PROJECT_NAME>
    # View details of a suggestion using the ID displayed by list-suggestions
    cape policy get-suggestion <ID>
  5. A project owner can choose to accept or reject the suggestion. If they approve it, the new policy replaces the old one attached to the project.
    # Accept
    cape policy approve <ID>
    # Reject
    cape policy reject <ID>