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Deploying Functions

In this document we will deploy a function that we created here. Full code can be found on Github

Deploying your function

We can deploy this to Cape with cape deploy. Assuming your function code is within a folder named isprime, run the following command:

cape deploy isprime

Your output should look similar to:

Deploying function to Cape ...
Success! Deployed function to Cape
Function ID ➜ 6FtCVSKYcg3YEUtCWHZqPy
Checksum ➜ c9ecd2a004f209a564ac7cba2021927fec44f107e82afb4abfacd8fd63e4f49c

Note: Your Function ID value will be different. You will use the function ID (and optionally the checksum) to invoke your function later.

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